Pastors & Churches

Pastors often, do not have time to personally counsel the members of their congregation or they do not feel comfortable counseling certain issues. This is where Christian Counseling Services can be of benefit to you.

The staff at Christian Counseling Services is professionally trained and has malpractice insurance.

Pastors and their churches can benefit in many ways by partnering with us. For instance:

  • Help with counseling workload
  • Protect yourself from false accusations
  • Provide the members of your congregation with professionally trained counselors without adding staff

How you can partner with us?

Payment Options
Option 1
Pastor refers to therapist and client pays the normal fee of $90.00* per hour.
Option 2
Pastor refers to therapist and fee is divided between client and church for a specified amount of sessions. (Client pays $45.00* and Church underwrites $45.00 until specified number of sessions is complete.) Then, client could continue by paying the full amount of $90.00*.

We are happy to visit your church to explain our program and answer any questions you might have. Just give us a call.

*: If a session goes beyond one hour the client is responsible for the additional charge.

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